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F I L M   &   V I R T U A L   e x p


A short film to do some visual experimentations.

This is one of my newest experimentation on filmmaking.

I took some random footage in a town, developed a narrative based on these footages, and shoot some additional footage to complete the film;

In this film, I took some footages in Jiaozuo, Henan, China, which is in the middle of China;

My narrative is about a kind girl who follows rules, steal a valuelessdrink in a store and get catched, then affected by people's words and becomes a serial criminal, even murdering.

F a b r i c : 

t h e  S o c i a l i s a t i o n

A    playable    film    experience

Fabric: The Socialisation is aa virtual experience that allows audiences to view as a controllable film -- a film that an audience can control the camera positions and the movement of a character.

This film is an example of what audiences can experience in the project Fabric: The Socialisation.

To download this playable film/game, please contact me through email.

Working Process

please contact me 

for the complete

working process

P      A      C      E

A   d a n c e   s h o r t   f i l m

“Pace”(2018) is collaborative dance film project that I led, cooperating with choreographers and dancers in London Studio Centre, music students in Berklee College of Music.    This dance film is an abstraction of the comparison of people’s pace in daily life, the pace is symbolised as an express plastic coffee cup and a traditional small coffee cup.

The above is a re-edit version, since I am not satisfied with the way I edit two years ago; I therefore decided to give it another life.

To view the older version, you can go check the video on the right.

Old Version

R   O   L   L   E   R

experimentation on objects behaviour

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