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Performance Design

This is an online portfolio of Honghan Fu (傅泓瀚), he has spent most of his life in China and UK.  This website contains his works in recent years, especially the ones he made in London Film School and Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.  If you haven't met him before, All in One is for you.


Honghan Fu defines himeself as a storyteller who makes films and manga style graphic novels, as well as develops digital experience  (video games).  During his study in Central Saint Martins, he spent most of his time on filmmaking and live performance design; in 2018 he took a gap year, spent half of a year in one the largest video game and internet companies - Tencent Tech, as a storyboard artist; he believed the form of video game is one of the most potential storytelling media today.


Honghan Fu is a keen storyteller, a music lover, a society observer and a fantasy bringer.  He loves to learn the truth and theories behind daily life and society, communicate to his audiences through enjoyable films and virtual experiences.  He would love to improve his storytelling skill, as well as contribute his ability to the world.

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